Anytime Soon

Anytime SoonLife is far from typical for millennial Anaya Goode. After the untimely death of her brother Andrew, Anaya decides to stay at home instead of on campus, to support the family as they deal with grief in their different ways. To cope with her grief, Anaya seeks guidance from her therapist, Dr. Judy, and lives vicariously through the chaotic lives of her two best friends, Sophie and Catie. As the total support system for her family and friends, Anaya doesn’t hesitate to step in when Sophie’s life begins to spiral out of control, and Catie finds herself sinking into depression.

Although Anaya has put her life on hold and hasn’t dated in years, she unexpectedly meets two men – handsome and mysterious Carl and successful and thoughtful Jeff. Now Anaya must search her conscience for the real meaning of love and trust as she discovers that she is not immune from making poor decisions regarding matters of the heart. When Anaya’s mother, Anita becomes ill life once again takes a dramatic turn for Anaya and her family. Anaya prepares for her life to move in a new direction, but this time will it be with a man by her side that she can count on?

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