The Making of An Awesome Cover

Posted: Monday, July 8, 2013

I must say, the book editing and production process has been quite the learning experience. I obviously still have a lot to learn, but it’s been a lot of fun so far.  Writing was just the beginning. I want to share my experience in the making of my book cover.

The original suggestion was to use stock art. My production manager suggested a silhouette of a dinner scene that captured members of a family in various poses. We looked at a few images and they were nice, but not nice enough.  None of them captured the depth of my book or the characters. I wanted something intriguing, lively and fun. Something that would make a potential reader stop and take notice of my novel when they see it.

After rejecting several more stock photos, we decided to go with an artist drawing.

We chose an artist and asked her to send in a few sample sketches of a woman with a lot on her mind. The artist is very talented and although I liked all of her sketches, I liked this one best:

The young woman in the drawing is pensive, had the potential to be beautiful and I liked the pose. I communicated with the artist indirectly through my production manager so you can imagine the details in our conversations and email exchanges. The idea of the drawing was a great canvas but we needed to bring this girl to life. I asked for lively colors, worried but warm eyes, beautiful hair and arm candy.

After my initial request, I received this drawing:

girl_cover_colorHmmmm. As you can see, there was improvement but we still weren’t quite there. The color is a little drab, hair a little too long and they eyes aren’t as pensive-looking as I wanted them to be. Besides that, I liked the original pose. What was this new position on the edge of her seat? I considered it, but decided I liked the original pose best.

Back to the drawing board.

Fast forward a few more emails and I received this:

So we were making progress. Nice color, back to the original pose and we got the arm candy I asked for. I wanted a brighter color for the tank and suggested we experiment with the hair a bit more.  After a few more email exchanges and two or three more drafts, I received this:

IMG_1511And that’s my cover! It took some time and patience but it was well worth it. I really like this final result. What do you think of the cover?


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