Don't Worry, Be Happy

Posted: Monday, September 2, 2013

It’s no secret that life has its ups and downs. Some days we feel as if we can conquer the world and other days we wish we could stay in bed and hide beneath the covers. (Or is that just me?) We’ve also heard about making lemonade out of lemons and all the other clever sayings intended to pull us out of  life-invoked slumps. No matter what people say, there will always be challenges in life. We may have ailments or unexpected bills or a child or spouse who just doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  The bad news is it happens, the good news is, it’s not the end of the world.

But being low on cash or under the weather are not deal breakers to life. There are some things you can’t control but your happiness is not one of those things. You have full control over that.  Here are few things that get me through. I try to do these things on a regular basis and they definitely help.

  1. Count your blessings – There are plenty – health, family, employment, friends, shelter, the ability to get up and work, being able to function on your own and so many more!  If we take more time to count our blessings, we won’t have time to complain.
  2. Be positive – Be careful what comes out of your mouth. If you put it out there, there’s a good chance it can happen. Phrases like “What else could happen?” and “I have the worst luck…” and “It probably won’t work out” are all phrases that set you up for failure before you even give yourself a chance. Think positively and most importantly, speak positively. If you want to speak something into existence wouldn’t you prefer it be something that benefits you?
  3. Be supportive of others – Because you know what? You’re next. There are enough good things out there for everybody to get some. Support your friends, family, neighbor and anyone else you can in their endeavors. Not only is it beneficial to them, but it will make you feel good in the process and feeling good leads to happiness.
  4. Be productive – Happiness won’t come knocking on your door. Get up and do something. Set some goals and accomplish them. Enroll in a class, get involved in the community or pick up that hobby you’ve put aside for a lot time. Accomplish something outside of your normal career. Accomplishments make you feel fulfilled and fulfillment leads to happiness.
  5. Exercise – Exercising will make you happy. I promise! Research has shown that a mere 20 minute workout will significantly change your mood. In short-stressing the body, de-stresses the mind. Try it. Not only will it make you happy, you will look great too.
  6. Pray – Give yourself and God a little time. Whether it’s early in the morning when you first wake up or in the car driving to work. It’s best to do it in the morning before you begin your day but if that’s not possible, do it at night. Just be sure to do it.
  7. Let Go – Yes, if it’s hindering or upsetting you, let… it… go!  That old job, that failed relationship, that grudge you’ve been holding on to since 2004 – let them all go. You can control your present, not your past so leave those things in the dust where they belong, and move forward!

I’m not an expert but these are a few things that help me when I get in one of the proverbial slumps of life. Hope they help you too!

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