Merry Christmas!

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The holidays are here and I know it should be fa la la la la’s and mistletoe kisses all around but I have to admit I had a bit of a rough time getting into the spirit this year. The super-commercialized Christmas season was a little overwhelming. Seemed like the Christmas season started right after Halloween. It definitely caught me off guard. Did anyone else feel that way?

Then there was the senseless  shooting in Newtown, Pennsylvania. It  really makes one wonder what this world is coming to. The loss of life is always hurtful and tragic, especially in the case of innocent children.  God, have mercy on all of the families who had to experience this Christmas without their loved ones.  Remember to hug the ones you love and remind them of how much you love them.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us so let’s remember to love, hug and forgive.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and remember to love, love , love those around you. There is a lot going on that we don’t have control of but we have control of our actions and the impact we have on the world.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday season and remember to be kind.

Category: Happiness