About Tamika

Tamika Christy was born and raised in the Bay Area and started writing at an early age after receiving a journal as a Christmas gift. By the time she reached middle school, Tamika was writing short stories for fun. In college, she majored in English with a creative writing option and realized her true passion for writing—and discovered an interest in becoming a published author. After graduation from college and uncertain of her career path, she attended law school. With the stress of juggling a family, a full-time job, and law school, writing provided an outlet. This novel, Anytime Soon, was actually created during law school.

Tamika’s life experiences have been filled with very colorful people and experiences, and these experiences lend depth to the characters—characters that any reader can relate to. These characters and storylines are based on the premise that we are all flawed in some way but our individual imperfections make us uniquely who we are.

Upon graduation from law school, Tamika pursued a career in local government to embrace the bureaucrat within. She still resides in the Bay Area with her two daughters and enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with her own multidimensional family, while working on her second novel.